What are GKFF's grant application requirements?

With respect to GKFF's annual social services process, potential applicants are contacted directly by GKFF to apply for an end-of-year grant. Applicants are selected from a pool of local health and human service organizations that meet the needs of people living in poverty either through direct service offerings or through programmatic involvement among underserved populations.

In general, GKFF develops projects with service providers and in areas of mutual interest. GKFF typically does not accept unsolicited proposals.

To what kinds of programs does GKFF grant?

GKFF invests in opportunities relevant to its areas of focus: early childhood education, social services support, civic enhancement projects and community health initiatives.

Does GKFF have a geographic focus in its grant making?

GKFF prefers to fund organizations and efforts related to direct service delivery to the greater Tulsa area and elsewhere in Oklahoma. GKFF occasionally supports projects nationally to replicate its local efforts.

Does GKFF provide grants to individuals?


What is the relationship between GKFF and TCF (Tulsa Community Foundation)?

GKFF is a Type I 509(a)3 supporting organization of the Tulsa Community Foundation. The purpose of the foundation is to support the community, state and other charities focused principally on reducing the cycle of poverty, mainly in the greater Tulsa area.

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